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Publish Your Book in 2024

Have you been wanting to write a book for years? Do you believe writing takes a year or more to write?

You are in the right place and the right time to write your book and get it published. Write your book by following our proven blueprint, write it, publish it, and profit from it in no time. B-Global Publishing coaches you helps faciliate turing your book dream to reality. From dreams to publsihing!

Free 30 Minute Writing & Publishing Consultation

Master the art of writing your own book within 90 days. Publish your book the right way and make it available to hundreds of, thousands of readers. Share your story and message to the world. 

Premium Coaching ~ Get the One-on-One Coaching That Will Turn Your Dream to Reality

Become the Published Author You Have Always Wanted to Be 

Free 30 Minute Writing & Publishing Consultation

Free 30 Minute Writing & Publishing Consultation

Get Unstuck ~ With a Coach

  • We help you identify your writing blockage.

  • We work with you at your pace.

  • We find the best stories to tell

  • We help you not only write but heal old wounds.

  • We determine the right day to publish your book..

  • We have an editor that turns your writing to an amazing crafted book.

  • We save you money from hiring a ghostwriter. We bring out the writer in you.

  • Benefits of Publishing

  • Leave a legacy

  • Change lives

  • Write and heal old wounds

  • Earn money from profits

  • Speak and get on other people's platforms

  • Become an authority in your field and leader, 

  • Turn you book to an online course

  • Get one-on-one coaching plus published

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    Write your book.

    Everyone has an experience or expertise to share. Follow our proven blueprint from blank page to publishing. Write your ideas down, and then give them the proper structure so that it turns into an amazing book. 


    Publish your book.

    B-Global Publishing will publish your book and distribute it on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Google Play, Apple Ebooks, and Kobo. Make book profits that you deserve.


    Market your book.

    B-Global Publishing will promote your book to your target audience using our tried and tested methods. Learn strategies to market, promote, and sell your book so that you can impact lives while making passive income.

    Choose your Bundle

    All bundles are covered by a no-hassle

    100% money-back guarantee during the first 30 days

    You're only two steps away from getting started publishing your book!

    Collaborative Author

    Publish and distribute your book in 2 formats; Print-on-demand and EBook

    *Recommended if you want a shortcut to making your book come true. Writing a chapter will give you credibility, glamorize your resume, connect with phenominal authors, and cross-promote to gain more visibility and exposure. Builds confidence, fast output, and collaboration is the future of publishing.

    $599 $1,499

  • Basic cover design

  • Proofreading & basic editing services

  • Ebook formatting

  • Interior design formatting

  • Print-on-demand

  • Social media promotion

  • ISBN & Barcode registration

  • During Launch purchase book at early bird special to help with #1 rank

  • Purchase book at wholesale and resell keep the profit

  • Mini Book 5x5

    Perfect for entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches this small book establishes your authority in your area, it becomes your business card with your brand, content, and ideas. Fast way to complete your first book and start a series.

    *Recommended if you have your books completed and ready for the market

    $2,997 $4,499

  • Basic cover design

  • Proofreading and basic editing

  • Ebook Formatting

  • Interior design formatting

  • 100 print books (black ink inside, color cover) shipping additional

  • Social media promotion

  • ISBN & Barcode registration

  • Press Release

  • Earn Royalties 

  • Write Your Own Book

    Publish and distribute your book in 2 formats; Print-on-demand and EBook

    *Recommended if you feel stuck, need content coaching, help researching, writing, putting it together, and publishing

    $5,899 $10,699

  • Basic cover design

  • Proofreading and editing

  • Ebook Formatting

  • Print-on-demand

  • Interior design formatting

  • Social media promotion

  • ISBN & Barcode registration

  • Content research based on your ideas

  • Collaboration on final content outline

  • Organizing & polishing all book content

  • Press Release

  • Earn Royalties 

  • Publish on 4+ Book Markets to get more exposure

  • Email Us For Financial Support

    Send us a mail at  [email protected] for financial aid

    Our client's words

    “B-Publisher has excellent communication and fully engaging the author. Very supportive and helpful from the start to end of the book project. Starting with the draft format guiding on how to write the chapters. Accepting the draft to the final publication, an author is supported by a team of professional assisting in editing and completing the publication to your book launch and sales on amazon. Thank you very much.”

    Nontsikelelo "Ntsiki" Ncoco

    The Incredible, Global Epic Leader


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    What is the story you want to tell?

    Believe it or not, your life challenges need to be told. Someone out there is having the same challenge you overcame. Your path will shine light and guide someone else to shift their life, give them hope, and inspire them to step out of their comfort zone.

    Bring pride to your life accomplishments

    Share your insights, build a platform via your writing that supports your career and goals. You will also be surpirsed that writing heals old wounds and gives you a big "aha moment" of realizing how much you have accomplished in life. It takes a moment of writing and reflecting to see the leaps you made in life.

    What help do you need?

    You might need one-on-one coaching to turn your story into a book. You might have an idea where to start. You might need a cover design, editor, tools to write your book, ideas on where to distribute your book, or a combination of all these items listed here. You are in the right place to start your writing journey. 

    Specifically Designed

    Exactly For Those Who Hate to Write

    No Ghostwriter

    Made Simple System and World-Class Marketing Tactics

    Read case study

    Register for a Free

    Online 4-Video Training Series ~ Book Publishing Made Simple System

    Learn a proven book cover concept to design your book cover, create a sizzling book title, and how to publish and profit from your book.

    Register for a Free Online 4-Video Training Series


    Dr. Angelica Benavides, known as the Ultimate Legacy Builder and Dr. B. She has been dedicated to helping people write and become successful published writers. Dr. B takes people from great ideas and stories to published book. Life is short. Dr. B. had the "aha-moment" to write and create her publishing company after being diagnosed with two types of cancer. During that time, she decided to live and leave a legacy that outlives her. Dr. B mission is to leave a legacy that will impact our childrens' children. Dr. B is the founder of B-Global Publishing which is a prestigious fast-growing private company.

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